May 28, 2013

Teigha Viewer and Teigha File Converter 3.09 have been released.

Newer versions of ODA's products are available for download. Teigha Viewer and Teigha File Converter have been updated to version 3.09. Both programs are available as 32bit .deb and .rpm files. 64bit Ubuntu users can install successfully these useful programs with the installation of ia32-libs package.

May 25, 2013

QCAD/CAM adds CAM functionality to QCAD 3 pro

RibbonSoft announced the availability of QCAD/CAM an add-on for QCAD 3 pro that adds CAM functionality on the existing CAD application.
QCAD/CAM allows you to export your drawings to the popular gcode format that can be used to control several types of CNC machines.
QCAD/CAM is available for Linux and you can download a free trial from here.

 CAM Export Configuration Dialog Box

The CAM pull-down menu

May 20, 2013

Lost in Support: QCAD pro

QCAD pro is a 2D CAD program that has Linux support for years. Its relevance for Linux users is very high since not only it had long been the unique reliable 2D CAD solution but also its GPL Community Edition is the base for LibreCAD.
QCAD pro comes in its latest version 3 with significant new functionality added, such as .dwg support, new script engine, .svg support and more.