Sep 29, 2012

ARCAD-C1 the new free version of ARCAD

ARCAD is a commercial 2D/3D architectural CAD package for Linux.
It comes in a variety of versions and a few days ago a free version was released.
Unfortunately it is available for older Linux versions up to 2.6.32 kernel (Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid).
I have succesfully installed this version on a Kubuntu 12.04 32bit machine but with a quick look it seems to be a very problematic installation. So if you want to test this version, it is highly recommended to use only Ubuntu 10.04.
More info and installation instructions about this release here.

Lost in Support: export SUPPORTED_ENVIRONMENT=?

After finishing with the OpenSource applications, I am going to continue my Lost In Support series with the proprietary CAD programs. For better results I believe that a new "variable" is needed. Which flavor of Linux does the proprietary app support officialy?
For OpenSource applications supporting every kind of Linux distros, it isn't difficult. At least, the source code is available for compiling so you can install the application in every distro.
Proprietary apps behave very differently. The CAD vendors choose what kind of distro(s) they want to support. This choice affects the overall Linux support experience.
So here it is: export SUPPORTED_ENVIRONMENT= ?