Jul 30, 2012

How to embed the partlibrary of QCAD 2.x to the new QCAD 3

The final release of QCAD 3 is out and the new features of this CAD application like the property editor, the new scripting engine, the new library browser, .dwg support and more are available to its users.
One very interesting feature is the new library browser that can handle  different type of files like .dwg, .dxf, .svg and scripting items.
Many users may want to use the old QCAD's partlibrary with this new release. The solution is really very simple and with a few mouse clicks you can successfully embed the old partlibrary into the new QCAD3.
So the only thing you have to do is to open the application's preferences and navigate to Widgets-->Library browser. Then you have to add the path  to the partlibrary's folder and/or any other location that includes files you want to use into the Library Browser.

Save the changes and restart QCAD3 and you're ready!!!

Jul 29, 2012

Lost in support:FreeCAD

FreeCAD is a perfect example of a well-supported application under Linux. Also its active community provides excellent documentation and support with lots of tutorials, answers and helpful advices all accessible with a few clicks from the application's homepage.

Jul 25, 2012

Dassault released an updated version for DraftSight

A new version V1R2.1 for DraftSight is available for download. Nothing special at all but the 2 very annoying bugs of the previous version ( No menus and toolbars when you install DraftSight on a system with different language than the supported and the segfault when there is no Internet connection available) have been fixed. So these are enough to update your current DraftSight installation.
Download the latest packages from here (32bit only both .deb and .rpm)

Jul 17, 2012

A TeighaViewer Update is available

TeighaViewer has just updated today in version 3.6.0. It has various new features like toolbars and some basic design functionality (you can now draw lines, boxes and spheres with it) but continues to have printing problems. You can read the full announcement, the changelog and download TeighaViewer for Linux from here.
Both deb and rpm files are available.

Jul 3, 2012

Lost in Support:Intro

The latest DraftSight V1R2 release was a disaster. Despite the localization bug this version also has some very annoying problems such as the crash when there is no Internet connection available. These problems gave me the idea for a series of articles that will evaluate, compare and rate the support level of the available Linux CAD applications.

Things to compare:
Installation/Installation Instructions
Active Bugs/Bug Fixes
Linux-related answers
Help/Command Reference
Development/Improvements/New features


So how easy is for a Linux newbie and non experienced user to deal with these applications with only help the resources that the CAD vendors/developers provide?