Jul 31, 2011

Back to reality

After some days without PC and Internet, but with a lot of sun and sea, I have returned home. Well I lost some interesting news like the new DraftSight release, but my batteries are fully charged. Time for changes on this blog I think... I have some ideas in mind but nothing is certain yet. I will post more in a few weeks, probably before autumn.

Jul 9, 2011

Update for TeighaViewer available

A new version 3.05.0 of TeighaViewer,  a free CAD files viewer from ODA, is available for download.
This version has some fixes but continues to be buggy.
Despite the bugs, it deserves some space in your HDD, only for the great dwg/dxf support and the capabilities of saving in plenty versions of these formats.
Both 32bit .deb and .rpm files are available here 

New FreeCAD module

A new module named "Ship" is available for FreeCAD. It aims to be a user-friendly module that will add ship modelling functionality on FreeCAD. I downloaded it and installed it after some tricks (I had to define the correct installation path in the makefile) into my FreeCAD dev installation but I didn't make it work
(Or I didn't understand how it works).

Jul 5, 2011

Enabling Global menu support for DraftSight on Ubuntu 11.04

A few days ago reader Toni left me a comment asking if I know any way to enable global menu support for DraftSight on Ubuntu 11.04.
I am an Ubuntu user and I use Natty as one of my OSes ( My other OSes are Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Debian Wheezy ). I have never thought to enable global menu on DraftSight before. I use DraftSight and I find it great but  I never missed this feature.