Apr 15, 2011

Why I will not use AutoCAD WS

AutoCAD WS is a web application that allows you to create, edit and share dwg files. That sounds really good to you, doesn't it? Well I will never use this application and I have plenty of reasons.

  • Limited functionality
It doesn't have the functionality and the features of a CAD application. It's only for basic drawing and editing
  • Bad performance
This web app is really slow. Go to the last reason to see why...
  • Terms of use limitations
Here you can read them.
  • It's flash based
This really crappy,vulnerable,unstable software with the terrible performance on Linux. I don't want to use it for drawing.

Conclusion: Install the free DraftSight and share your data, if you want it, with a service like Dropbox or Ubuntu One. Much more productive, efficient, reliable and faster.

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