Apr 18, 2011

TeighaViewer for Debian/Ubuntu 64 bit workaround

TeighaViewer is a free CAD files viewer from ODA. It has a Linux version but it's only for 32 bit rpm based distros. Using alien you can easily install it on a 32 bit deb-based Linux system. However alien has a big disadvantage: cannot convert packages with different architecture than the system's one. So if you have a 64bit system with Debian/Ubuntu you cannot install TeighaViewer with alien. Is there any other way?? I found a quite simple workaround...
(I suppose that you already have downloaded the rpm package of Teighaviewer into your 64bit installation)
First step: Boot your system with a Live CD of any 32bit distro you like.
Here I'll show the Ubuntu way.

Second step: Install alien on the Live CD:
sudo apt-get install alien
Third step:  open a terminal, type:
sudo alien -dc 
and drag 'n' drop your TeighaViewer rpm package into the terminal.
Then press Enter. Your package will be converted to a deb next to your rpm package.

Fourth step: Reboot your machine into your 64bit installation

Fifth step: Install your converted deb package with
sudo dpgk -i --force-architecture full_name_of_your_converted_package.deb

Enjoy TeighaViewer on your 64bit system!!!

Update: ODA now provides a 32bit deb package of TeighaViewer. So you don't need this workaround any more. Simply use sudo dpkg -i --force architecture package_name to install the deb package on a 64bit Ubuntu system.

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