Apr 27, 2011

LibreCAD adds .dwg support via LibreDWG

".dwg" is a well-known, proprietary CAD file-format. Originally developed by Autodesk and commonly used, it's a headache for other CAD vendors and a big obstacle for the creation of a good Free and Open Source CAD application. CAD vendors have a very good solution called ODA, but the libraries which are provided by ODA are proprietary software so they cannot be used on a Free and Open Source project like LibreCAD.
There is a try for the development of a library that can handle .dwg files and being completely free software at the same time. This project is named LibreDWG and it's currently on alpha stage. At the moment only versions R13, R14 and 2000 are supported. This library is going to be used by LibreCAD. It's nothing special but it's very interesting and welcome. 

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