Apr 5, 2011

Bricscad PRO released for Linux

Today Bricsys has released the PRO version of Bricscad Linux. The big differences with the Classic version are the support for the BRX API and the full ACIS modelling. Interesting features, but for being really useful, we must see some of the 3rd party applications being ported to Linux

My (very first) comment for this release: Bricscad PRO is a big step forward, but Bricsys must become serious with some things that give to Bricscad Linux the feeling of an unfinished, nonprofessional project. For example if you try to add a toolbar in the new PRO version the result is a complete disaster. It opens a different toolbar than the one you have chosen.... It's a pity for a product that has been improved a lot in other stuff , having bugs like that.

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