Feb 9, 2012

Trazar City Tools for Bricscad Linux: A very good start

Bricscad for Linux is a powerful and fast application. While the V12 is in the final stage of development with a lot of cool new features including direct modelling and more, the current stable V11 is a very good choice for a Linux CAD workstation.
One of the advantages of Bricscad is that you can extend its functionality via APIs.
Trazar City Tools from Bethel Ingeniería is the first and currently the only available application that is compatible with Bricscad for Linux.
It is a Lisp application so you can also use it with the cheap, 2D only, Classic version of Bricscad. Of course it is compatible with the Pro version too.
This application contains a full set of tools and libraries for effective 2D design of pipes, ducts, fire protection systems, plumbing, HVAC, and more.
Trazar City Tools can be downloaded from here for testing. A full license costs about 895$ or 995$ if you buy both Trazar City Tools and Bricscad Classic.

 Trazar Building Library window

Trazar Suite window

 All the extra toolbars of Trazar City Tools

So you can have a 2D DWG -compatible, Linux CAD workstation with extra MEP functionality with about 400-500$ lower cost than a Windows-based workstation with AutoCAD LT which cannot run external applications. A very interesting choice!!!


  1. Trazar Suite Tools for Bricscad Linux will be free to linux users.

    see http://www.trazar.com.pa

  2. Thanks for the info...
    It's very nice to see offers like this.

  3. Trazar Suite Tools is a MEP plugin for Bricscad Linux that you can download and install for free. See http://www.trazar.com.pa