Feb 1, 2012

A silent DraftSight update: Some important fixes and a stupid new bug

Today I mentioned that the DraftSight's deb and rpm files have been updated since January's 17 but there was no information about that. No mail notification, not even a post on DraftSight's community. However this new V1R1.4 version of DraftSight is important for linux users.

  • First of all, it fixes the problem of the misnamed dependency on Ubuntu 11.10. You don't need anymore libxcb-render-util0 from Natty.
  • It has working STL export, a very important feature for linux users. Now you can convert 3d dwg files in a format that can be used with Blender and other Linux applications.

The bad news:

  • The problem with Ubuntu Software Center remains: You still need to install DraftSight with gdebi.
  • A very stupid new bug appears and I cannot understand why. DraftSight re-named the startup script from DraftSight to draftsight. Why was this so important? Because the menu entry continues to point to /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/bin/DraftSight instead of the correct new path /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/bin/draftsight. So you cannot launch DraftSight from your menu unless you edit the menu with alacarte, the menu editor of GNOME or a similar utility in other Desktop Environments.

 Launching alacarte from Unity

Editing the DraftSight's menu entry with alacatre

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