Feb 23, 2012

Highlights of Bricscad V12 Linux: Screenshot tour

Fully editable tables can be created or imported from csv files.
Here is a test file created with LibreOffice Calc 

 Editing the above table

 Flatshot command creates 2D profiles from 3D solids in model space

 The Quad cursor in action for easy and fast 3D direct modelling

The Solprof command is similar to Flatshot but in paper space
Hatch wipeout!

Refedit allows to edit xref's directly

 With this command you can: select which entity of the xref you want to edit and lock the others, 
add/remove entities to set,draw new geometry, save/discard changes

 Livesections in action


  1. What do you think of the performance?
    I seem to be lower than autocad on virtualbox....

  2. Performance depends on your hardware configuration. I have a Nvidia 9500GT card with the latest drivers from x-swat ppa. Many people report problems with different hardware. 2D performance is great on my hardware.
    3D performance seems OK but I didn't test yet any large files.
    Compiz may also cause slow performance on some computers try a Unity2d or a Gnome Classic (no effects) session.