Oct 5, 2011

A very quick view on Bricscad for Linux V12 beta

Today Bricsys announced some very impressive new features for Bricscad V12 and I was really very curious about these changes. So I found and downloaded the beta version of Bricscad V12 for Linux.
The changes are really impressive: parametric constraints for both 3D and 2D, direct modelling capabilities and some performance speed-up. The new features are part of a new version, Bricscad Platinum.
The new version installs without problems on Ubuntu 11.04 32bit. Due to the decision of Canonical to make the 64bit version of Ubuntu with multiarch support probably you wouldn't have any issues if you try to install it on Ubuntu 11.10 both 32bit and 64bit. But you have to wait for about a week for the release of the new version of Ubuntu.
I experienced some problems, but to be fair with Bricscad, these issues are probably related to the version of Compiz that comes with Ubuntu 11.04. Also consider that this is a beta release.

I couldn't found the 3D parametric objects called X-Solids etc. I don't  know if there are plans to port them into the Linux Platinum version or they just dropped them out from V12.
Finally I want to mention that I am very glad to see continuous development and improvements into the Linux version of Bricscad. This means that Bricsys wants to improve further this product and it will probably be well supported in the future.

You can find this V12 beta version here

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