Oct 13, 2011

DraftSight on Ubuntu 11.10

After finishing a clean installation of Ubuntu 11.10 I experienced a problem on the installation of DraftSight but finally I solved it easily.
The problem was that a dependency of DS had been changed its name so that the installer returned an error.
So if you want DraftSight on Ubuntu 11.10 32bit you have to:
  • Download and install manually this package from Natty.
  • Install DraftSight with gdebi because Software Center fails. 
  • Alternatively use the terminal: sudo dpkg -i DraftSight.deb. Before that you may have to install libdirectfb-extra and sendmail manually.
Enjoy DraftSight on the new Ubuntu!!!

Important update: This workaround is for DraftSight V1R1.3
The newer V1R1.4 fixed the problem with the misnamed library so you don't have to install any extra packages from older Ubuntu releases.
V1R1.4 installs correctly on an Ubuntu 11.10 32bit system with gdebi or dpkg.


  1. Thank you for the solution! Was very helpful!

  2. dpkg: problem ze wstępnymi wymaganiami DraftSight.deb zawierającego dassault-systemes-draftsight:i386:
    dassault-systemes-draftsight:i386 wymaga wstępnie libdirectfb-extra (>= 1.2.7-2)
    dpkg: błąd przetwarzania DraftSight.deb (--install):
    problem ze wstępnymi wymaganiami - dassault-systemes-draftsight:i386 nie będzie instalowany
    Wystąpiły błędy podczas przetwarzania:

  3. You have 64bit Ubuntu. This workaround is for 32bit Ubuntu.
    I have not tested the 64bit version of 11.10 yet but I will do it soon. I expect that DraftSight will work on Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit,
    I will post any workarounds for the 64bit Ubuntu 11.10 as soon as possible

  4. Thanks. I got crazy when I saw that Draftsight could not be installed on my computer XD

  5. Thanks, sudo command solved my problem, I have Ubuntu 11.10 and DraftSight V1R1.3

  6. Omg i change to linux because of draftsight..but:

    -I enter to http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/i386/libxcb-render-util0
    -download the file [xcb-util_0.3.6.orig.tar.gz] in the right side of the web
    -extract it inside the X server
    -open terminal, going to file dir, and type


    -ERROR: configure: error: Can't find usable m4, please install it and try again

    What im doing wrong?.


  7. I was doing it in the wrong way.
    On the bottom of the page there is a
    download "package name" option to download .deb files (graphic installation), u check on Architecture option (dependent on your processor type) and then being redirected to a mirrors source to final download.

    If u use sudo u have to download sendmail in the same web.

  8. Superb! your suggestions enabled me to install draftsight onto my new installation of ubuntu 11.10. Thanks! greatly appreciated...

  9. Ok! It's installed on ubuntu 11.10 amd64 but i click on the icon and nothing happens.

    What can i do to solve this .....

    Thanḱ's for help.

  10. 1. Make sure that you installed DraftSight on 64bit Ubuntu as I described here http://linuxaideddesign.blogspot.com/2011/10/draftsight-and-ubuntu-1110-64bit.html
    2. Open DraftSight via terminal and check for errors.
    The command is /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/bin/DraftSight
    3.If you need more help post the terminal output as a comment at the post I mentioned above.
    This post is for 32bit Ubuntu

  11. russian says: so easy as all geniously :)

    sorry my english

    thank you very math

  12. Thank you very much for this solution. Installed it and running in Kubuntu 11.10.

  13. Hi!! I have a really annoying problem with the menus with the last versión of DS (V1R1.3) in ubuntu 11.10. I will show you:
    There is a lot of clickable options missings in the menus. And when I go with the cursor hover the menus, it doesn't changes of color and appears nothing
    Any idea about what's happening here?

  14. Probably it's a theme error. Try to open DraftSight with the command:
    /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/bin/DraftSight -style plastique
    and see if this fixes your problem

  15. Yes!! Thank you! Much better, but now, how can i make that it default? I can't find where change that!

  16. The easiest way is to install qt4-qtconfig and use this tool to change the GUI style from Desktop Settings to Plastique.
    This will apply the Plastique style to all your QT4 applications.
    If you don't want to change the appearance of all your QT4 apps you have to edit DraftSight's starting script manually with gedit as superuser.

    1. open a terminal and type sudo gedit /opt/dassault-systemes/draftsight/bin/DraftSight

    2. On line 32 add -style plastique (This line must look the same as line 30)

    3. Save the file and close gedit. You are ready!

  17. Oh, not as easy as I thought...it was really hidden!
    Thanks a lot!!

  18. Dassault should really include this solution to ease and promote the installation of DraftSight in Ubuntu.

  19. Спасибо большое установил все таки

  20. It works thank you.
    I think the problem is the license windows that does not appear in the graphical environement and hence you can not accept licence terms:
    same problem with gdebi -gtk whereas with gdebi it works perfectly.

  21. Yes you're right. The installation via Ubuntu Software Center stops when you have to accept the EULA. USC doesn't allow the EULA window to open.

  22. BRavooo!!! Thank you!! This is the only one answer!!

  23. PERFECT!!!Thank you!!

  24. Hi I keep getting an error message "Error 1935" when installing DraftSight on a Win 7 laptop. Has anyone seen this problem before?

  25. Sorry, But I cannot help you in Windows -related problems
    I'm a linux user...
    You may find some help in the DraftSight's online community

  26. thanks a lot for the release....
    ahave a nice day...

  27. Thank you Spyros.M. Your tips helped me in installing Draftsight. I had used Autocad under windows for ten long years in my service. This looks as good as Autocad.

  28. sudo command worked first time. Many thanks.