Oct 1, 2011

Gear design with Linux

Gear design is painful. The design of the involute curve is a demanding process. However there are some utilities that can make this easier.
GGGears: GGGears is a small application that can create 2D and 3D gears and do some numerical computations. It creates gears of good quality but there is currently no easy way to export the geometry into a CAD program for further editing.

Blender script: This script can create gears with Blender. It is available only for the older 2.4.x release of Blender. The good news is that this Blender series can export dxf files that can be opened with ARES and Bricscad. The bad news is that the quality of the generated gears isn't good enough and the geometry is a 3d mesh not a solid entity.

FreeCAD macro: This is a macro that can generate 3D gears with FreeCAD. Easy to use, creates gears of better quality than the Blender script does, but is slow. This macro can generate the gear as a solid or as a mesh.

Geargen 1.10: Yes I know that this is an old shareware DOS program. But it runs perfect via DOSBox and generates gears that can be saved as dxf files that work with LibreCAD, ARES, Bricscad  DraftSight, QCAD,and VariCAD so it is worth to be mentioned in this post.

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