Aug 8, 2011

Two quick tips for the new DraftSight version

After installing the latest DraftSight I did some quick changes that might be helpful.
  1. Change the cursor to crosshair
Go to Tools--Options--System Options--Graphics Area and select the option Display cursor as crosshair
Then click OK and you're ready.

     2. Adding some existing ctb files to DraftSight.
If you have some existing ctb files that you like to use with DraftSight there is an easy way to do that. Just copy your ctb files into the /home/username/.config/DraftSight/1.2.163/Print Styles directory.

The folder .config is hidden so if you want to see it you have to press Ctrl+H in Nautilus/Thunar or Alt+. in Dolphin. After that you can choose your preferred ctb via the Additional Options in the Printing dialog box of DraftSight.

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