Aug 8, 2011

Little things that make linux powerful and effective

 Linux is famous about its fancy Window managers. Compiz, Kwin and e17 are some of them with different capabilities each one. But these fancy things are only for fun??
Many people claim that nobody cares for these WM capabilities, but I realized how useful are some of them when working with CAD. For example KWin's feature that groups windows into tabs is the greatest feature if you have to work with multiple windows of diferrent programs. For example many times you have to work with a CAD programm, a vector or raster image processor, a pdf viewer, a browser and other apps. Switching between them from the taskbar is realy painfull and slow. Grouping these different windows into one gives you the opportunity to switch between them using tabs.

LibreCAD,Inkscape,Okular and Iceweasel, all under the same window

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