Aug 8, 2011

DraftSight and 64bit Linux

I have decided to write this little comment because of the great interest of people to run the current versions of DraftSight, which are 32bit only, in 64bit Linux installations. First if you want to run DraftSight in a Linux box 32bit OS is preferable for some reasons, but if you continue wanting  a 64bit OS you have to keep in mind some difficulties:
  1. Do not use unsupported distros, different packaging may cause problems that are more difficult to solve
  2. Linux has various package manages which may have different behavior. For example dpkg doesn't add automatically 32-bit dependencies but yast does
  3. Ubuntu 11.04 has a bug that breaks the installation of 32bit packages in a 64bit system. There are various workarounds but I think that, update your dpkg package via apt-pinning, is the best.
  4. A quick tip is to start DraftSight for first time via terminal, so you can see any error messages. You can start DraftSight with the command

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