Jan 10, 2011

TeighaViewer for Linux

TeighaViewer is a .dwg .dxf and .dgn viewer from Open Design Alliance.
You can download it for free here
Unfortunately for Ubuntu users it comes as .rpm package (32bit only)
Let's see how to install it in Ubuntu and other .deb based distros

First you have to install alien from Software Center, Synaptic or via terminal with

sudo apt-get install alien

Alien is a command-line tool for converting packages from rpm to deb and vice versa

Download TeighaViewer and move it from downloads to your home folder. 
This is necessary if you don't want (or if you don't know how) to use cd

Open a terminal and type:

sudo alien -dci package_name ( Simply type the first 2-3 letters and press tab )

Type your password and press enter. Your package will be converted to a .deb and installed after a few minutes.


ő§eighaViewer has no problem reading the supported files but has some very annoying problems and bugs.

First is the menu entries in both KDE and Gnome. 
In KDE you will found it under the category Applications--->Tools !? and in Gnome 
under Applications--->Universal Access!!!??? So use menu editor to put it to the Graphics menu.

Also you may expect some random crashes when you try to open the application and you cannot print or plot. These commands open the print dialog box but still are not usable.

Rating 1.5/5 Awesome with .dwg and .dxf files can handle correct almost all types of these formats but needs much more improvement to become ready for daily use.

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