Jan 30, 2011

How to unlock the power of Linux (Part II)

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Step 3
Understand some basics about your new OS. For example learn how to navigate through external disk drivers using your file browser and check out  your folders locations. This takes about a minute to learn  and it is very helpful when you try to open drawing files directly from your CAD application. For example you can find your external usb flash drives in the /media directory.
Step 4
Keep your system up-to date. This means that you have access to all bug fixes which your distro provides you. Important: Update only from your distro's repositories and don't use experimental packages unless you have a problem and you are sure that using a non-official package update will solve it. For example Ubuntu has a PPA for updating your proprietary nVIDIA driver easily. It's strongly recommended not to use this PPA unless you have problems with the existing driver and you are sure that an update to a newer version solves them.
Step 5
Keep learning. In Linux world, things change rapidly. So you have to be well informed about things that you have to know and affect your work. New applications, huge improvements on existing apps and new features are very common in Opensource Software and Linux. This blog will try hard to bring you all the things you have to know for Opensource and proprietary CAD for Linux. Stay tuned

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