Jan 21, 2011

CADopia moved from ITC to ARES. May we expect a Linux version ?

CADopia, an old member of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium, moved  to ARES as base for their products.
As you already know ARES is available for Linux. May we expect a new entry on Linux CAD software?

Well I don't think that their plans include Linux support , at least not for now. Moving to Linux isn't a bad idea but we must have in mind that the first  2 dwg-based programs have been released the last 3 months (Bricscad and ARES). So we can't safely conclude if CAD market is ready for Linux. Also we are waiting for Draftsight and QCAD 3 Professional, so the number of Linux dwg-based CAD programs goes to four. I believe that for the moment we don't need a fifth member in this group.
Maybe in a couple of years...

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