Dec 21, 2012

BricsCAD V13 for Linux is now available!

Bricsys has released today the new BricsCAD V13 for Linux.

Some important new features of this release:
  • Chapoo integration
  • New Mechanical menu and commands
  • Command-line auto-complete
  • Sheet Sets
  • Fixed cursor behavior
  • Modified installers for 64bit systems*
  • RedSDK improvements
You can read the full list of improvements here

 BricsCAD V13 running on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.

 The new command-line auto complete feature in action.

 The contents of the new Mechanical menu.

Chapoo the new cloud-based service.

BricsCAD V13 is available for download at Bricsys website 
You can test it for free for 30 days.
As usual it comes in 3 different versions: Classic, Pro and Platinum.
Each version contains different features and has different price.

 * 64bit installers just ensure a correct and automatic installation on a 64bit Ubuntu machine. BricsCAD continues to be a 32bit application. On a 64bit Ubuntu machine global menu doesn't work out of the box. However you can enable global menu  by installing appmenu-gtk:i386



  1. Did you actually try installing the 64-bit binaries on Ubuntu 12.04? It's been packaged dependent on deprecated since the multiarch versions of individual libraries from that metapackage have now been added to the repository. Installation fails. Attempting to install ia32-libs now requires disassembling your system since the rest of it now depends on the [library]:i386 multiarch versions.

    1. All the screenshots are from an Ubuntu 12.04 64bit machine.
      I never had problems to install ia-32libs on Ubuntu 12.04 64bit.
      ia32-libs as you correctly noticed is now a transitional package that depends on ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 which is a metapackage which installs all the i386 versions of packages that were removed from ia32-libs and transitioned to multi-arch.
      If you experience problems with the installation, you can try the 32bit installer and after you can install manually any missing dependencies.

    2. Never had any problems with ia32-libs in the past either...repos now updated and transitional has transitioned. INstalling ia32-libs will uninstall ubuntu-desktop. After waiting so long for the 64-bit installer, it was released just weeks before ubuntu moved remaining 32-bit libs to multiarch and now the installer goes nowhere since it's main dependency is missing.

    3. I found a similar bugreport and it seems that many other users
      have the same problem. I never had similar issues. My 12.04 LTS installation works well with ia32-libs.
      As a possible workaround try the following:
      -Enable all repositories.
      -Enable all updates.
      -Switch to the main server.
      - Add the i386 architecture (sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386) Probably it's already added.