Dec 31, 2012

2012 Flash Back

The year that is leaving today was an interesting one in the field of Linux CAD.
Below are listed the top events of 2012 for Linux CAD:

  •  BricsCAD V12: BricsCAD has noted major changes during this year. V12 for Linux was released in February bringing many new features. 3D modeling in a dwg-based environment was redefined with this release. The newer V13 is already here but V12 was the real big step forward for BricsCAD.

 The Quad cursor introduced with BricsCAD V12
  •  NX 8.5: A new release of this software is always remarkable. NX 8.5 has been released in September and the Linux version is still present.
  •  LibreCAD: New improvements and features came for LibreCAD during this year. Support for newer versions of .dxf, various new drawing tools and stability improvements.
Support for newer .dxf versions is now available for LibreCAD users.
  • FreeCAD: The improvements of its development version are several. Part Design, Arch and Sketcher modules now have many more features for easier and more powerful history based 3D modeling.
Some of the new tools that are now available in FreeCAD's Part Design Module.

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS introduced the new 5-years support period for the desktop. This makes it an interesting and reliable choice for a Linux-based CAD workstation. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has also improved multi-arch support.
  • ARCAD-C1: The new free version of ARCAD has been released in September. This version is a nice introduction to the features and capabilities of the commercial ARCAD, a 2D/3D Architectural CAD with BIM functionality and Linux support since 1996.
  •  QCAD 3 Pro: With support for new file formats like .dwg and .svg, new script engine, various GUI improvements (property editor, new library browser), multipage printing and more, QCAD's 3 release in July was one of the most important events for Linux CAD during 2012.

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