Mar 9, 2011

Draftsight for Linux finally available

Finally, after a long period of waiting, Draftsight for Linux is available for public download.
Free -as in beer-, full dwg compatible 2D CAD with the benefit that it's based on Graebert's ARES, Draftsight Linux is definitely the best solution for a low cost, long time, stable and secure 2D CAD workstation.
Download it for free from here
P.S. Give it a try with Debian Squeeze or a RHEL 6 clone like Scientific Linux. Otherwise you can use Ubuntu LTS or OpenSUSE.

Installed just before a few seconds on Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 with the new Unity Interface


  1. I just installed it on Debian wheezy amd64. To install:
    1) Install firstly it's dependencies:
    $sudo aptitude install libdirectfb-extra
    2) Install DraftSight.deb. (If you are on a 64-bit system you need "--force-architecture flag"):
    $sudo dpkg --force-architecture -i DraftSight.deb

    On first sight it works flawless. What I didn't like is that is uses Qt3 libraries instead of the mature and great qt4. More after some usage...

  2. Qt3??? I am sure that DraftSight uses Qt4
    (version 4.4 or 4.5)
    Just like ARES Commander Edition

  3. Do you know how to work with unity's globalmenu and draftsight?

  4. This feature isn't yet supported. DraftSight uses its own Qt libraries and Ubuntu 11.04 has global menu support only for Qt apps that use the system's Qt libraries like FreeCAD and LibreCAD.
    You can make a feature request on DraftSight to include global menu support on a future release.
    Also you can try to replace DraftSight's Qt libraries with links to your system's Qt libraries but this may cause crashes and it is NOT RECOMMENDED but I will give it a try and I 'll post the results. Thanks for giving me an idea for a new post.