Mar 18, 2011

Other Useful Software

The most common question for someone who wants to migrate to Linux is:
OK seems good but I don't use only CAD, how can I get all my work done with Linux.
The truth is that Linux supports a wide range of software (Free/Open Source or not) which can be very useful and productive
In this post I present advanced software that might be useful for engineers and designers for professional/productive use. Very common applications like Office Suites are excluded

Graphic tools:
GIMP: GIMP is an awesome piece of software that can create and edit raster images. supports a variety of image formats including proprietary formats like .psd. It's Open Source Software
Inkscape: Very effective vector graphics program, easy and clean with great support of the svg file format, better than a lot of commercial packages. It's Open Source too
Krita: Krita is an advanced painting program part of the Calligra Suite (formerly known as Koffice suite). Open Source program

3D Graphics:
Blender: Blender is an advanced 3D graphics program with a built-in powerful and very fast rendering engine. It's Open Source and has a lot of users.
Maya: Commercial advanced 3D graphics program from Autodesk. Supports 64bit Fedora and RHEL
K-3D: Simple and easy Open Source program
Wings 3D: An advanced 3D subvision modeler. Open Source program

Office tools:
Scribus: Open Source Desktop Publisher. Feature rich and effective
Lyx: WYSIWYM document processor, LateX front-end very effective with scientific documents.

Gmsh: 3D finite element mesh generator with pre-post processor capabilities. Open Source
ANSYS: Commercial well known engineering simulation program
ABAQUS: Commercial program from Simulia (Dassault), supports 64bit Linux
Patran/Nastran: Commercial CAE tools from MSC
Algor Simulation: Commercial package from Autodesk for Mechanical Simulation. Linux version has no GUI
Salome: Open Source platform for pre-post processing for numerical simulation. Can use a variety of external solvers like Code_Aster
OpenFOAM: Open source 3 dimensional CFD software developed by a commercial company. Commercial support is available
Paraview: Paraview is an advanced data analysis and visualization program. Very effective even with very large data sheets
Range Software: Commercial finite element analysis and engineering simulations program. Free 30-days demo available for download and testing
FEniCS: Advanced Open Source finite element analysis tools
Gerris: Open Source solver for partial differential equations describing fluid flow

Numerical Computations/Mathematics
GNU Octave: Matlab-like high-level language for numerical computations. Open Source
Scilab: Open Source numerical computations software
Matlab: Well known commercial high-level language for numerical computations.
Maple: Commercial advanced math & engineering software
Mathematica: Commercial software for computations
Maxima: Open Source Computer Algebra System

GRASS: Powerful Open Source GIS
QGIS: Open Source GIS user-friendly. You can use it and as a GRASS front-end

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