May 20, 2013

Lost in Support: QCAD pro

QCAD pro is a 2D CAD program that has Linux support for years. Its relevance for Linux users is very high since not only it had long been the unique reliable 2D CAD solution but also its GPL Community Edition is the base for LibreCAD.
QCAD pro comes in its latest version 3 with significant new functionality added, such as .dwg support, new script engine, .svg support and more.

export SUPPORTED_ENVIRONMENT= Most of 32bit Linux distros. QCAD pro works well on 64bit environments too.

Installation/Installation Instructions: QCAD pro provides 2 different kinds of packages. A universal installer suitable for most of Linux distros and a compressed package that allows you to run QCAD pro without installation. The universal installer, although it is suitable for most of Linux distros it isnot the easiest available way to install/uninstall applications on a Linux machine especially for newcomers.

Active Bugs/Bug Fixes: According to its bug tracker, QCAD pro solves rapidly most of the reported problems.

Linux Related Answers: Ribbonsoft has enough Linux experience to answer correctly any question related to your favorite OS.

Help/Command Reference: QCAD users have several options to learn how to use this application: A Forum ,the official Book available for purchase, the built-in manual and the On-line Documentation. These resources are also available in several different languages.

Development/Improvements/New Features: QCAD pro doesn't release major upgrades often, but version 3 has a lot of useful new features in comparison with the previous version.

Summary: QCAD pro is a nice and well documented solution. Several learning resources, detailed answers and very good Linux support. But an easier installation method (.deb and .rpm installers) is a necessary feature that has to be implemented in order to help users with limited Linux experience.

Rate: 4.5/5

This post is a part of the Lost in Support series. My main goal is to evaluate, compare and rate the provided support of all the available Linux CAD applications. A new tag named LiS will indicate all the posts of these series.

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