Oct 11, 2012

DraftSight V1R3 is available for Download

An updated version of DraftSight (v1R3) is available. This version has some new functionality for easy creation of Revision Clouds but it has also a problem with the display of .ttf fonts. You can download this version here. As usual both .rpm and .deb files are available but for 32bit Linux only.


  1. This is a very good news as I use DraftSight bought at work on Windows and at home on Linux. And I love this little software.

  2. Unfortunately it is available in 64 bits only for Windows.

  3. I have been using DraftSight on Ubuntu 10.04 64bit for ages. There are plenty of tutorials of how to get it to install around the net.

    Just make sure you install the sendmail package, it isn't mentioned in most of the tutorials but it is one reason I initially had issues installing draft sight.

    I don't know why they bother making a 32bit version. Who would use a computer with less then 4Gb of RAM these days for CAD???

    1. The newer versions of DraftSight don't need sendmail to work properly.
      Also Linux 32bit can handle up to 64 GB of RAM so the amount of RAM isn't the real problem.
      A native 64bit is necessary because some other applications (GIMP,Inkscape,Blender, some CAE applications) are much faster on 64bits and typically CAD users need this performance boost.