Aug 30, 2012

Lost in Support:LibreCAD

LibreCAD is an important piece of software for the OpenSource community. Currently it is the only available and mature OpenSource solution for 2D CAD.
Let's see what happens with its Linux Support.

Installation/ Installation instructions: LibreCAD as an OpenSource application has very easy installation on a Linux System with plenty of different installation options (just like FreeCAD).

Active Bugs/Bug Fixes: LibreCAD's team tries very hard to fix any possible bug. The bugtracker shows that they do really good job (Most of the reported bugs have been fixed)

Linux Related Answers: If you experience any problem with LibreCAD on Linux you may find easily an answer for this. LibreCAD's community has members with very good Linux experience ready to help you.

Help/Command Reference: The weak part of LibreCAD's support. Due to some licensing issues , LibreCAD couldn't embed  and improve the manual and the command reference of its predecessor QCAD CE, So the LibreCAD team had to start from scratch the manual. Currently the mailing list or the IRC channel are the places where a user can find some help.

Development/Improvements/New Features:  LibreCAD's development is fast and new features and improvements  often appear in this application. Comparing with its predecessor QCAD CE has a lot of improvements including new geometry tools, gui and speed improvements.

Summary: LibreCAD is on the right way for its Linux support. However it needs some improvements especially in Command Reference.

Rate: 4/5

This post is a part of the Lost in Support series. My main goal is to evaluate, compare and rate the provided support of all the available Linux CAD applications. A new tag named LiS will indicate all the posts of these series.

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