Jul 25, 2012

Dassault released an updated version for DraftSight

A new version V1R2.1 for DraftSight is available for download. Nothing special at all but the 2 very annoying bugs of the previous version ( No menus and toolbars when you install DraftSight on a system with different language than the supported and the segfault when there is no Internet connection available) have been fixed. So these are enough to update your current DraftSight installation.
Download the latest packages from here (32bit only both .deb and .rpm)


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  2. Hi did you do something specific to upgrade from previoust version?
    I followed you instructions for installing on x64 modifying the deb files and installing with gdebi it worked for previous versoin but when i try with this one on system where previouse version is installed i get an errror during installation and i end up with previous version installed.

  3. Any way to install this update on Ubuntu 64 bit?

    1. Check this post: