Apr 28, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and .dwg-based CAD

After the installation of the new Ubuntu 12.04 LTS I tested the installation of all the available .dwg based CAD applications.
On Ubuntu 12.04 32bit everything worked fine except the known problem with DraftSight and Ubuntu Software Center. You have to install DraftSight via gdebi in order to complete the installation successfully. All of the applications (Bricscad V12,DraftSight, ARES CE, QCAD 3) work fine with the new Ubuntu. Bricscad V12 is the winner in system integration because it is the only application that works with HUD.

 HUD with Bricscad V12 on 32bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

On Ubuntu 12.04 64bit every application needs tweaking.
DraftSight has a known workaround. ARES CE needs a similar workaround. Use the same method, the only difference is that you need to delete sendmail from the list of dependencies and then install it manually from your package manager. The installation of Bricscad V12 is OK but it needs ia32libs to fix its look and it doesn't work with HUD on 64bit Ubuntu. Despite the installation problems all the applications work more reliable on a 64bit Ubuntu system thanks to the multiarch support.

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