Jun 3, 2011

Pin FreeCAD development version to the Unity Launcher

When you test the development version of FreeCAD on Ubuntu 11.04 you will probably need to pin it to the Unity Launcher. Unfortunately when you open FreeCAD from Nautilus, the right click--> Keep in Launcher option doesn't work.
The FreeCAD icon will be kept in Launcher,
but you cannot start the program by clicking it.
So how can you start FreeCAD from the Unity Launcher ?
Here is a simple workaround:

  1. Right click on the Desktop and select "Create Launcher" option
  2. Define the full path to FreeCAD (like /home/username/FreeCAD/bin/FreeCAD)
  3. Select the FreeCAD's icon in case you don't like to see a question mark on the Unity Panel. ( the path is /home/username/FreeCAD/share/freecad.xpm)

    4. Click OK and a Launcher will be created on your Desktop
    5. Drag and Drop this Launcher in the Unity Launcher
    6. Now you can start FreeCAD development version from the Unity Launcher

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