May 11, 2011

VariCAD Viewer for Linux

VariCAD viewer is a freeware CAD files viewer from VariCAD. Supports various well known formats like STEP 3D, IGES 2D, DWG/DXF 2D and DWB 2D/3D ( this is  the native VariCAD format).
VariCAD Viewer comes in both .deb and .rpm packages for easy installation on the most Linux distros
VariCAD viewer on Ubuntu 11.04
The latest version comes with some interesting performance improvements,
especially in .dwg support.
Now VariCAD Viewer can handle larger drawings faster,
 with better pan and zoom performance.
You can download it free of charge after a simple registration from here

Tip: Zoom works with the mouse wheel and pan with Ctrl + right mouse button.

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